About COPS

Established in 1971, City of Plano Swimmers (COPS) is a non profit organization dedicated to offering programs for swimmers of all ages. We are dedicated teaching swimming technique, and training all while having fun. We offer a Fundamentals team for the beginning youth swimmer, a USA Swimming year round competitive swim team under the leadership of Head Coach Ted Carson, and an adult swimming program for adult fitness swimmers with skills from beginning levels to competitive levels.  At COPS we are committed to developing the swimming talents of  all age people who have the desire to learn and participate in competitive and fitness swimming.

As a member of USA Swimming, North Texas Swimming, and US Masters Swimming,  

City of Plano Swimmers has a goal to:

1. Fully develop each individual's ability to realize their full potential through quality year round training.

2. Develop well rounded student athletes.

3. Encourage team spirit, open communication and sportsmanship.

4. Foster a lifelong love for the sport of swimming.

5. Encourage proactive volunteer participation.