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"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." - Charles Dickens


COPS Cares is the philanthropic side to COPS swimming.  COPS Cares is the part of our organization that gives back to the community and/or a worthy cause allowing our swimmers the opportunity to be responsible citizens and to work on defining their character.


Right in our own community there are children and families who need just a little bit of help to keep them moving forward.  We hope that you will join the causes that COPS Cares participates in and use this as a teachable moment for your swimmer.  Get them engaged in the “cause” of the month or quarter.  Defining their character is part of our mission and we plan to hold true to our mission. 

Join COPS Cares today as we make changes in the pool and the community! 

Check out some of our recent initiatives:

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