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Who Should Tryout for COPS?

What if my child does not meet these benchmarks?

If your child does not meet the benchmarks for their age, they are probably not ready to join COPS.  We would recommend starting with a Learn to Swim program.

What Happens at a Tryout?

At your Tryout, coaches will evaluate your child's swimming skills and recommend placement on either our Pre-Competitive or Competitive Swim Team.

Our Pre-Competitive team focuses on skill building, learning good swim techniques, and preparing your swimmer to join the competitive team. The Competitive team is for swimmers who already have fundamental techniques. This program focuses on rigorous training and competition at the local, state and national level.

Sign Up for a Tryout

Tryouts are held at Rowlinson Natatorium (1712 Ave P, Plano, TX). If your child meets the benchmarks for their age, fill out the form below to sign up for a tryout:

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